Bonne Soiree Enter the world of the composer


  • 1 heure - 2 heures
  • Intérieur
  • Collaboration
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: 30

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Feel the life changing exhilaration of learning a new skill, exploring classical culture and accompanying two sopranos in a string orchestra in less than 90 minutes.

Aperçu du programme

From the originators of Orchestrate comes another incredible, completely unique, classical team building experience. It is an experience and a story brought to life by compelling iconography, beautiful music and you.

The evening is set in Paris, the winter of 1871: the city of Molière and Victor Hugo lay in ruins following the Prussian siege and occupation. The Second Empire of Napoleon III has collapsed. The Parisians are starving. How can they possibly save their Capital? This is the story of how a devastated city thirsting for life manages against all odds to regain its status as technological and cultural capital of the Western World within a period of just seven years! This is the story of how culture in all its forms, and in particular music, inspire a nation to rebuild and discover anew the fibre which constitutes its pride and rich heritage, all the while creating new impulses which shall culminate in the most glorious period France and Europe have ever known, the "Belle Epoque".

Bonne Soiree is the story of a composer whose music embodies completely the French spirit, but who himself is not French, his struggle, his ultimate victory. It is the story of the human spirit and its capabilities.

"Belle Nuit, O nuit d'amour" are the words which carry the people, and it is their determination and creativity which enable them to remould the country following a period of enormous difficulty.

It is the story of every great nation, and every great people. You are part of this story and you will experience the core of its vibration as we take you on a journey without ever having to leave your seat. Once familiar with their violin or cello, two experienced tutors guide the whole group through a beautiful composition. Players come together as confidence grows along with the intensity of a backing track that binds this uplifting and unforgettable experience.


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Résultats de l'Activité

  • Coopération fonctionnelle croisée
  • Dynamiser une conférence
  • Parcours d'Excellence
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Stimuler la créativité
  • Dynamique d'équipe
  • Unir les équipes

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